We officially launched!

Whew, what a week!

We announced a ton of exciting news this week from FinTech South 2020, including our official launch! But if you missed anything, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

Here is a quick rundown of what happened:


We officially launched!

York Public Relations officially kicked off as the nation’s first and only PR firm dedicated to mitigating crises for financial institutions and fintechs. With a 100% success rate and a keen understanding of the complexities within the industry, we are the only firm with the skills and abilities critical to helping financial institutions and fintechs save and repair their brands.

We did not create our firm to simply explore a possible new market. We were created out of a serious industry need and demand from our fintech and financial institution friends. That’s why we’re able to launch with clients already onboarded, starting from Day One. And, we have no debt and we are profitable, meaning we’re not going anywhere. We are your firm!

We released our latest whitepaper!

From cyberattacks to workplace harassment claims, a crisis is inevitable, especially within the financial industry.  Unfortunately, many organizations lack crisis preparedness and careful planning. Instead, they react to the emergency rather than build a careful strategy. The time to build a strategy is now — before a crisis erupts.

In our new paper, we outlined the primary steps to follow when faced with an organizational emergency, making crisis communications less stressful and more positive, as well as minimize the impact for all constituencies.

Interested in downloading it? Visit here today!

You can also check out our CEO’s latest article in Forbes, “Steering A Cybersecurity PR Crisis in 2020.”

We announced availability of our Crisis Press Training!

Even if you have a well-developed crisis plan, how you communicate will ultimately determine your success. To prepare you for answering the tough questions, we created our unique press training program. York Public Relations not only helps ensure that spokespersons are comfortable answering the tough questions, but able to deliver responses with empathy and understanding for those impacted.

During the firm’s unique press training, instructors discuss the basics of working with the media and how to create the right narrative, explore questions likely to be asked and help craft appropriate messaging, and provide one-on-one coaching and active simulations with each spokesperson.

Contact us at info@yorkpublicrealtions.com or 1-800-683-7685 for more information!

We also announced availability of our Crisis Drills!

At any given moment, a crisis can occur, often without warning and leaving long-lasting effects. But having a crisis plan is only half the battle. It takes practice to successfully mitigate organizational emergencies. Even regulators are actively encouraging organizations to conduct regular and frequent drills, or tabletops, as they refer to them. The U.S. Treasury even created a crisis drill template for both financial institutions and fintechs to leverage for cyberattack simulations.

With York Public Relations’ unique ēgәlGUARD™ crisis drill experience, financial institutions and fintechs learn the skills necessary to better prepare for a crisis.

Want to learn more? Check out our blog from this week, “Are You Running Crisis Drills?” Or feel free to contact us at info@yorkpublicrealtions.com or 1-800-683-7685.

What we have going on next week?

We have more exciting news coming out next week!

A new consumer survey commissioned by Harris Poll and York Public Relations will be released, identifying the top crises that turn consumers away from banks and credit unions.

Be sure to check back in on the results – you don’t want to miss it!