Content Marketing

To increase brand awareness, content marketing strategies are becoming more popular as they become more effective, especially for fintechs and financial institutions.

According to a 2021 survey of 1,500 organizations and businesses, 84% of marketers have a content marketing strategy, however, only 11% of companies evaluate their strategy performance as ‘excellent.’

There may be preventable reasons for this, which our firm aims to address.

The first challenge is operating with inadequately staffed teams.

The 2021 survey found that content marketing teams are generally small. In fact, the vast majority of organizations operate with teams of only 1-3 people, although there is evidence in the survey that these teams are slowly growing.

The second challenge is quality writing.

Most organizations (70%) do not outsource any aspect of content writing, despite having small teams. For smaller organizations, particularly in extremely complicated fields such as financial services and fintech, this can become burdensome, timely and impractical. Hiring and retaining skilled fintech writers is likely inefficient and too costly.

The third challenge is proper measurement.

It’s no longer about using click rates and pageviews to evaluate the effectiveness of content marketing programs. Teams that emphasize these metrics may be able to determine immediate interest, but organizations must evaluate the ROI to truly understand the success of campaigns, especially as businesses seek direct financial returns on their content efforts.

As part of our service offering, York Public Relations works with fintechs, financial institutions and industry associations to create various content, including blogs, whitepapers and eBooks, case studies and more. All programs are customized to best fit clients’ needs.

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