Crisis Communications

Navigating a crisis can be overwhelming – but it doesn’t have to be.

Through our empathetic approach, sound counsel and proven mitigation process, we work with you to quickly take control of the situation and minimize potential damage for your organization, your employees and your customers.

As a trusted partner and the nation’s only crisis firm dedicated to the financial industry, we understand the complexities within the industry. By minimizing stress, we are committed to helping organizations effectively manage a crisis through a more positive approach.

Crisis Plan Development

Crisis Plan Development

Effective crisis planning is crucial.

At the onset of a crisis, we work closely with your team to develop a solid plan of action by thoroughly evaluating the crisis and determining necessary communication. Working alongside your legal counsel, we assess potential risks to the organization as well as develop a media plan to control the dialogue.

Message Framework

Message Framework

Preparing communication starts with a comprehensive message framework.

We work with you to determine an appropriate response plan, along with internal and external communication.

Press Training

Even the very best crisis plan can fall flat if communication is delivered poorly.

By facilitating press training, we ensure organizational leaders are prepared and comfortable to address hard-hitting questions while also providing necessary updates with a sincere, empathic tone.

Crisis PR Execution

Crisis PR Execution

Your strategy is only as good as the execution.

Our team guides you through each step of the process, from preparing communication to disseminating updates. Our goal is to ensure your plan remains effective, even as the situation progresses.

Brand Repair

Brand Repair

A crisis can leave a long-lasting impact on your brand.

Through traditional public relations, we build a strategic plan to emphasize positive news and maintain a strong brand or repair it from potential

Crisis Preparedness

Crises are inevitable.

But all too often, organizations lack a deliberate, strategic crisis plan.

No organization is immune to a crisis and the last 18 months have proven so. From a drastic increase in cyberattacks from the COVID-19 pandemic to ongoing scandals proliferated through Twitter, crisis preparedness is more critical today than it’s ever been.

Proactive Messaging

Before a crisis erupts, our team helps you create a solid strategy to navigate potential organizational emergencies.

We prepare a message framework to help you tell your organization’s story and mission, along with detailing various scenarios you may encounter. Through effective press training, our team further helps you prepare for the inevitable to deliver communication internally and to media confidently and comfortably.

Crisis Drills

At any given moment, a crisis can occur, often without warning and leaving long-lasting effects.

The wisest organizations have plans in place at all times, but organizations that are truly prepared practice those plans through regular drills and simulations.

ēgәlGUARD™ Crisis Drills

With our unique ēgәlGUARD crisis drill experience, financial institutions and fintechs will learn the skills necessary to navigate a crisis.

Keep in mind, regulators are actively encouraging organizations to conduct regular and frequent drills. And the U.S. Treasury even created a crisis drill template for both financial institutions and fintechs to leverage for cyberattack simulations.

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Navigating a crisis can be overwhelming – but it doesn’t have to be. Contact us today for a consultation.