The fastest-growing PR and Marketing firm dedicated exclusively to the fintech and financial services industry.

We Are the Experts

York Public Relations is the nation’s top brand awareness and crisis public relations firm dedicated exclusively to financial institutions and fintechs. We serve clients ranging from community banks, credit unions and mortgage lenders, early- and late-stage fintech startups, and public and privately-held financial technology companies.

Reputation Protection

Our executive team and network of associates have more than 150 years of experience and a 100 percent success rate – we protect your brand and reputation. Having worked with hundreds of organizations, York Public Relations’ founder and chief counsel has successfully navigated numerous issues ranging from discrimination lawsuits, FDIC memos and examinations, data breaches, consumer complaints, layoffs and more. And we’ve helped organizations raise awareness and improve their brand.

Sound Counsel

Whether you’re looking to build a stronger brand or repair an existing one, York Public Relations has a keen understanding of the complexities within the industry. From our partnerships with market influencers, cyber security experts, former regulators and transactional lawyers, to long-standing relationships with national and state associations, we are the only firm with the skills and abilities required to build and repair brands.


“She is not a vendor – she is a part of my team and delivers results! She has a fantastic understanding of our business, our market, and how we can make the biggest impression to drive our business forward.”

Commercial Banking Executive

“Reliability is not just a word with Mary. It’s the essence of who she is. She can be counted on to produce spectacular results and PR support at a moment’s notice with the maturity to understand the demands clients in the corporate world face.”

Marketing Director for Fortune 500 Company

“Mary is the ultimate professional. She does everything extremely well.”

Fintech Entrepreneur

“As a journalist, trusted resources are my lifeblood and Mary is one of my favorites. She is thorough, efficient and does her homework. Mary is an outstanding PR professional and I look forward to working with her for years to come.”

Reporter for Banking Magazine

“She was always willing to help in any way she could and went above and beyond to support my marketing efforts. She was vital to my success, and it was a pleasure working with her!”

Marketing Director for Software Company

“I knew that I could rely on Mary to get the job done, and she took the initiative to come up with new ideas and continuously expand our PR messages to fit the evolving marketplace. Mary is a talented PR professional and would be a valuable asset to any team.”

Senior Product Marketing Manager for a Fintech

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