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York Public Relations is an exciting and fast-growing global fintech PR and marketing firm.

A full-service organization spanning media relations, content marketing, creative marketing, social media marketing and crisis communications, we work with our clients to build and execute quality programs that enhance brands and drive innovation.

Our programs are proven to work – and it starts with our stellar team.

We operate under the core value of Responsible Flexibility.

We recognize that our team’s work life is an important but single component of a much larger picture of life responsibilities, obligations, goals and interests.


That’s why we empower our team to build a responsible work-life model that reflects the needs of their unique life circumstances while still achieving outstanding productivity. As a result, everyone wins! We support each other completely and fully in this responsible flexibility.

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“She was always willing to help in any way she could and went above and beyond to support my marketing efforts. She was vital to my success, and it was a pleasure working with her!”

Marketing Director for Software Company

“I knew that I could rely on Mary to get the job done, and she took the initiative to come up with new ideas and continuously expand our PR messages to fit the evolving marketplace. Mary is a talented PR professional and would be a valuable asset to any team.”

Senior Product Marketing Manager for a Fintech