York Public Relations Announces New Offering, ibisShield™ Crisis Press Training

New program ensures spokespersons are fully prepared to handle press interviews in times of crisis


ATLANTA, Oct. 7, 2020 – Today at FinTech South 2020, York Public Relations, the nation’s only crisis PR firm dedicated exclusively to financial institutions and fintechs, launched a new program, ibisShield™ Crisis Press Training.

“When handling both internal communication and media inquiries, press training is crucial,” said Mary York, CEO of York Public Relations. “Even if you have a well-developed crisis plan, how you communicate will ultimately determine your success. To prepare organizations for answering the tough questions, we created our unique press training program.”

York Public Relations not only helps ensure that spokespersons are comfortable answering the tough questions, but able to deliver responses with empathy and understanding for those impacted. During the firm’s unique press training, instructors will discuss the basics of working with the media and how to create the right narrative, explore questions likely to be asked and help craft appropriate messaging, and provide one-on-one coaching and active simulations with each spokesperson.

Additionally, spokespersons will learn how to appropriately express regret without accepting legal consequences. Occasionally, a crisis might erupt that may not be a direct fault of the organization under fire. Regardless, it is important to acknowledge any wrongdoing, which requires careful communication.

After either an onsite or virtual session, financial institutions and fintechs will receive a custom message framework and FAQ to help guide them through media interviews. Annual training refreshers and reviews of messaging are encouraged.

To learn more, please contact info@yorkpublicrelations.com or 1-800-683-7685.