Press Training

Press training is critical for both internal communication and media inquiries.

Even if you already have a well-developed plan in place, how you communicate will ultimately determine your success.

When handling both internal communication and media inquiries, press training is crucial. We not only help you create the right message to employees, customers and your community; we make sure you’re prepared to answer the tough questions by focusing on empathy and transparency to ensure everyone’s concerns are addressed.


What if it’s not a crisis?

Press training is critical for any outward communication. We work with you to build the right narrative while also seeking to understand what content your target audience wants and needs. Rather than pitching products, we focus on finding solutions.


During our unique press training, we will:

  • Discuss the basics of working with the media and how to create the right narrative
  • Explore questions likely to be asked and help you craft appropriate messaging
  • Provide one-on-one coaching and active simulations with each spokesperson

ibisShield™ Crisis Press Training

To prepare organizations for answering the tough questions, we created ibisShield Crisis Press Training, our unique press training program designed to help organizations respond during a crisis.

Our team helps ensure that you are not only comfortable answering the tough questions, but that you deliver responses with empathy and understanding for those impacted.

Contact us today to learn more about our ibisShield™ Crisis Press Training.